The Little Culture Night

The Little Culture Night

Friday, March 13th, 16.00-20.00

Foto: Anita HusumFoto: Anita Husum

For the second year in a row, we welcome you to culture night for children!
The David Collection will open its doors for a Henna salon, where guests can have their hands painted with lovely patterns. The workshop chief and event designer Nicole Kruckenberg has gotten to know the Middle East in many ways, and through esthetics, decorations, and music has created an atmosphere of mysticism and beauty. Henna tattooing has a long and proud history. It is said that over 5,000 years ago, people in India’s deserts discovered henna’s cooling effect on the skin.

In time, applying henna developed into decorative patterns, and the bride used it to adorn her hands as part of her wedding ceremony. Today henna tattooing is used all over the world for children as well as adults, in many places still as a signal of a celebration to come. The motifs are inspired by both Moroccan and Indian mehendi patterns.

Red henna is used, containing etheric oils such as those from lavender and rose. The dye also contains coffee, tea, and cloves. We advise those allergic to these substances not to have their hands painted. Guests themselves are responsible for finding out whether or not they can tolerate it.

The paint lasts for about a week, but its durability varies, depending on the type of skin.

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