Winter school break week 7

Winter school break week 7

Images from the movie are shown with permission from Angel Scandinavia A/SImages from the movie are shown with permission from Angel Scandinavia A/S

Free guided tours and a movie in Danish for the whole family

Guided tours in Danish for children 6+, Tuesday, February 12th to Friday, February 15th at 13.00:
Tuesday, February 12th, 13.00. Brave heroes, beautiful princesses, and fantastic creatures.

Wednesday, February 13th, 13.00. Dangerous lions and tough dragons.

Thursday, February 14th, 13.00. That fellow Valentin and love.

Friday, February 15th, 13.00. Discovering David’s treasury.

Free tickets to the guided tours are available on the day. A maximum of 15 persons per tour. So that many children can take the tour, we request that no more than one adult accompany a family.

A movie for children 7+, “The little girl and the Prophet,” will be shown from Tuesday, February 12th through Sunday, February 17th at 14.00:
“Seven-year-old Almitra lives together with her mother, Kamila, in a little village. Ever since Almitra’s father died, the little girl has refused to speak. Her mother works as a housekeeper for the poet Mustafa, who is being held in house arrest because it is feared that his art will incite the people to revolt. Almitra becomes good friends with Mustafa, who understands the little speechless girl. One day, Mustafa is told that he will be released. It turns out that the government is planning something bad and Almitra does everything she can to save her friend.”

The movie is free and lasts 1 hour and 25 minutes. Reservations are not necessary.