November 27, at 19.00 An evening with a solo violin and musical narrative

An evening with a solo violin
and musical narrative
Christine Bernsted and
Søren Schauser

The violinist Christine Bernsted plays selected solo works after they have been presented by the music historian and cultural journalist Søren Schauser. We will hear violin solos by Johan Sebastian Bach, Niccolò Paganini, and Eugène-Auguste Ysaÿe. In several ways, the program reflects the museum’s European collection, which spans all the way from the art of the Baroque, through the 18th century’s costly decorative art to the Golden Age’s national art and modern breakthrough.

Christine Bernsted is a young Danish prize-winning concert violinist who most recently received the prestigious Leonié Sonning Talent Prize in April 2019. She moreover won 1st prize in the Melbourne International Violin Competition in 2018. She has given concerts in Carnegie Hall in New York and played with the Berliner Philharmonic. She is currently studying with Eszter Haffner of the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and with Professor Boris Kuschnir in Vienna.

A violin concert where the accompanying narrative is told in Danish, read more here.