Ikat – flaming textiles from Uzbekistan

Ikat – flaming textiles from Uzbekistan

IKAT – Exhibition displaying textiles from Uzbekistan
Article from March 2013 reviewing the Ikat special display, by the textile historian, Viveka Hansen, from her blog “Viveka Hansen’s Textile Thoughts.”

April 21, 2012 – February 24, 2013

Experience a wealth of colors and patterns in a special display of the David Collection’s ikat textiles that features pieces not usually on show in the museum.

Ikat is a distinctive and complex weaving technique found in several places around the world. Uzbekistan, in particular, has a long tradition of producing these “flaming textiles.” Before the yarn is woven into cloth, it is dyed according to the ikat master’s sketches.

Ikat textiles are often used for kaftans whose beautiful designs range from very simple geometrical motifs to complex figurative compositions.

The special display was curated by Peter Wandel and Anne-Marie Keblow Bernsted.