2020 The Magical Spinel

Press release about a book publication
and a new special exhibition: The Magical Spinel

Special exhibition August 21 to November 29, 2020

At a museum in Copenhagen, a different world will be opened for the young night watchman Sigurd —after which nothing is the same any longer!

On August 21st, the David Collection and the Danish publishing house Forlaget Cobolt will publish the cartoon “The Magical Spinel.”

When the story’s protagonist falls down the staircase one night, he is suddenly able in a mysterious way to return to times and places from which the museum’s works of art derive. From present-day Copenhagen he visits such places as old Iran, India, and Turkey. “The idea is to bring to life the works of art’s historical surroundings and at the same time make the adventure real and reality adventurous,” says the author, museum curator Peter Wandel.

The museum will also open a special exhibition with a large selection of original drawings by the work’s illustrator, Rasmus Meisler. Admission to the special exhibition is free of charge and it runs from August 21st to November 29th.

Read Cobolt’s interview in Danish with the author and the illustrator here.

Both Danish and English versions of the book can be bought at the museum shop for DKK 250.

Read more here.

A press briefing about the cartoon and the special exhibition will take place on Thursday, August 20, at 10.00, when the author, Peter Wandel, and the illustrator, Rasmus Meisler, will be present. Participants can take a book home. To attend, please contact Sonja Wiesener at s.wiesener@davidmus.dk. Questions about the book and the exhibition can be sent to Peter Wandel at p.wandel@davidmus.dk..



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