A new intercultural educational project

The Hirschsprung Collection and the David Collection have joined together in an educational project that will challenge the prejudices of Danish schoolchildren and make them better equipped to create new common narratives.

The Hirschsprung Collection has a unique holding of Danish art and the David Collection is the home of one of the Western world’s ten finest collections of Islamic art. Together, the works in these two museums will enable Danish schoolchildren of every ethnic background to gain a broader understanding of Danish and Islamic art and cultural history.

The project has received grants from the Nordea-fonden, the Danish Agency for Culture, and Sportgoodsfonden. Its ambition is to use these collections in a new way and to reach a wider public with a message of cultural dialogue and diversity.

Ready from the 2017 school year
“We see the project as an unusually exciting contribution to creating constructive cultural meetings based on dialogue. We are convinced that the project can be instrumental in bringing about greater mutual understanding despite different points of departure,” says Henrik Lehmann Andersen, Director of Nordea-fonden.

From August 2017, this project will give pupils in Danish primary schools a new digital educational platform intended for subjects such as Danish, history, Christianity, art, and social studies.