A visiting high school

Feedback from students and teachers

Comments from comprehensive and high schools

Borupgaard Gymnasium: “Impressive wealth.” “I took my parents there afterwards.” “I had no idea that there was a place like the David Collection.”

Rygaards Skole: “We 8th graders just can’t stop talking about our trip to the David Collection.”

Langelinjeskolen: “Bilingual pupils were delighted that the guide could speak Arabic.” “Pupils in 6th grade found it different and very exciting, among other things because it is not like an ordinary museum.”

Bernadotteskolen: “Thank you so much for a very fine guided tour for 6.a. You were able to make history come alive and keep the children interested.”

Den Classenske Legatskole: “Our students say that you were good at talking to them and not above their level.”

Comments from universities and colleges

University College UCC: “The students from Zahle were quite impressed. They clearly benefitted both academically and didactically.”

Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen: “Our students spoke very highly of the guided tour and the discussions we had.”

Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen: “Thank you so much for the visit and a very inspiring introduction, which both we teachers and students have talked a lot about ever since.”

French High School in Morocco: “I deeply wanted to send this message to thank the guides. We will without any doubt come back to the museum with pleasure.”

Islamology, Lund University: “Thank you very much for the fine guided tour yesterday. Our students had a very good experience and I also gained some new information that was valuable.”