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The Hirschsprung Collection and the David Collection - a one-day excursion

In this educational project, pupils will discover art and culture from Denmark and the world of Islam. Activities start at the Hirschsprung Collection, where pupils will see Danish art from the 19th century, and end at the David Collection, where the focus will be on art from the world of Islam. Pupils will look at differences and similarities in the cultures through the following subjects: love, religion, gender roles, clothing/fashion, and holidays/leisure. The project is a supplement to the digital educational platform “Kulturmix – Pupils Meet Art from Denmark and the World of Islam.” The project can be used before, in parallel, or after pupils have worked with Kulturmix in the classroom.
Kulturmix touches on the following subjects: Danish, history, Christianity, art, and social studies.

Grade level: Comprehensive school and high school.

Date: Every Wednesday from September 1st.

Duration: The session lasts c. 3 hours, starting at the Hirschsprung Collection between 11.15 and 12.00. After an hour’s break, the session continues at the David Collection between 13.00 and 14.00. There is only a short walk between the two museums.

Price: DKK 475.

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Guided tour reservations
Tel. +45 33 73 49 49

Head of learning resources
Peter Wandel, curator
Tel. +45 33 73 49 49

Museum educator

Daniella Maja Nahor Ssitou
Tel. +45 33 73 49 49